About the Podcast

Path of The Lightworker Podcast is a project that has been both divinely guided and deeply personal to me.  I have always been fascinated about what motivates and inspires others.  I have been on a spiritual journey of my own over the last several years and have found incredible happiness through opening MIND BODY SOUL SOLUTION, a business that provides services such as Reiki, Meditation and Hypnotherapy.  I love this work and feel grateful to help others in connecting with their own true selves.  

In December of 2017, after many weeks of having the details of this podcast come to me in dreams and meditations, I finally spoke it out loud and since that moment, this podcast has come together with surprising ease!  I am grateful I finally answered the call of this beautiful adventure and I thank you for accompanying me on it.  I hope you find it as inspiring as I do to listen to the story of those who have answered the calling of their own soul’s work here in this lifetime.


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Erin Villarino

I’m Erin Villarino, the host of The Path of The Lightworker Podcast.  I have found my own way to healing and spirituality through my own health issues.  For me, it took something dramatic to pull me out of my perspective of life and how I was living it. I feel like I was given a tremendous gift and have been so fortunate to have beautiful spiritual teachers along the way.

I would love for this podcast to be a resource for those awakening to their purpose, wondering how they will be of service.  I think it’s possible to gain courage through hearing about those who came before us.  I would love to continue to create content here that will help others along their path, using the wisdom and guidance of our guests .