024-Kyrin Dunston, MD

024-Kyrin Dunston, MD

Dr. Kyrin Dunston shares her journey from busy, overworked OBGYN who bought into ‘pill for every ill’ practice. Her own health journey and an intense spiritual manifestation began to change her entire view of health care.

As she began to find true vitality and health through her own return to some of the natural medicines of her childhood, her entire practice evolved. A major injury had already provided the platform for her spiritual and emotional understanding of healing. Kyrin shares her incredible story of spiritual awakening through this injury, the manifestation of her prayers, that shattered her world view and sent her into a dark night of the soul.

Kyrin is a wealth of knowledge and shares so much with us in terms of women’s health and how to combat the environmental effects on our hormonal health. She takes us into the history of medicine and explains how the ‘for profit system’ is contributing to the decline of our overall health.


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Kyrin with her mom, Granola Gerry (84years old)