022-Mark Haviland

022-Mark Haviland

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Mark takes us through his healing journey which involved going into the darkest of moments and experiencing a literal death in order to unearth his ability to heal. His own healing crisis led him to exploring several modalities studying with many masters. Mark’s unique style of healing work has deemed his the Soul Whisperer, traveling around the country to share his workshop, ‘Anatomy of Emotion’.

Mark is compelled to share his healing gift of accompanying people through their inner shadow realms, misperceptions and unconscious defense mechanisms through deep bodywork, breath work and dialogue-activating people to their own souls and their true purpose.

Mark gives us so many tools to self healing through exploring our own triggers and responses. His honest and raw way of pulling out the deeper connections within are powerful in terms of transformation.

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  1. Frances

    Love this and Mark changed my life!’ He is amazing.

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