017-Tori Nicole

017-Tori Nicole

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Tori Nicole finds her true calling through having honest conversations with women about sex.  A rape survivor herself, she recognized the depth and layers of the trauma of sexual abuse.  Coming from the corporate world and looking for a way out, she took a side job doing Passion Parties.  She quickly discovered her ability to hold space for women through their own questions, explorations and traumas.

Hosting these parties led her on a path of discovery and reflection on her own journey of healing.  Tori created a Facebook group called Empowered Boudoir, a platform for conversations about all things sex.  Her podcast That Sex Nerd Chick  expands this conversation even farther with guests who share their own experiences.

Tori and I talk about the most vulnerable aspects of surviving sexual abuse, the aftermath and what we wish we had known while navigating the process of healing.

Follow her on Instagram:  Empowered.Boudoir

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