013- Melisa Celikel

013- Melisa Celikel

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Melisa Celikel, professional home organizer, clutter coach and spiritual home transformation specialist shares her journey to coming back to herself.  Striving for perfection in her young life and looking for the approval of her father, she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a sociology degree.  She landed the six figure job that she felt was her defining moment in gaining the recognition and approval she was seeking.  She began to feel trapped in a career that was not fulfilling to her, doing home organization and blogging on the side.  It wasn’t until a life changing even transformed her forever.  In the midst of tremendous pain, she had an awakening.  Her story of diving into her traumatic experience is so powerful and inspiring.

She now uses all parts of herself to bring true healing to her clients through understanding the root of the problem of clutter, hoarding, and disorganization resulting in incredible transformation.


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