012- Jac Patio

012- Jac Patio

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Jac Patio joins us to talk all about energy healing.  Her journey into her own spiritual gifts began with a recognition of that spiritual sensitivity as a child.  With a traditional Asian and Catholic upbringing, she had some resistance in being open about what her experiences were, not wanting to evoke fear with her family.

As her own spirituality and awarenesses began to grow, she started receiving messages about pursuing a healing path and offering services.  Having a great corporate job, she felt that there was no way to walk away- no way to explain to her loved ones and friends why she would leave the security and income of her career.  It took her getting fired from here job (for telling the truth!) for her to align with her spiritual path.  Her journey is filled with beautiful synchronicities and developing a relationship of trust with her greatest gifts.  She tells us how her healing extends to her family and their relationship.

We really get into depth about Reiki and energy work.  We talk a lot about the healers responsibility toward self-care and relaying messages.

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