011- Allie Michelle

011- Allie Michelle

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Allie Michelle is a yogi, poet and soul-led entrepreneur.  Her poetry book, Explorations of a Cosmic Soul came out last year and her next book will release in 2019.  As an introverted and sensitive child she spent her time with books and writing.  In school her imaginative side got her labelled as ADHD and she had to work through the isolation and judgment of not fitting into the traditional mold.  This contributed to her desire to spread a message to other young women about honoring their uniqueness and dropping comparisons.  She became a sensation on Instagram but resisted the typical posting style and instead shared her beautiful words about her own spiritual journey and complete authenticity.

She shares her journey in co-creating the successful podcast: Your Own Magic and how she knew when it was time to walk away despite it’s growing success. Allie tells us how heartbreak led her into deep soul work and how writing helped her alchemize her pain into beauty.

We receive insight into what’s on the horizon for Allie including a project that’s her biggest yet and has never been announced until now.

Explorations of a Cosmic Soul

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