004-Ed Ettinghausen

004-Ed Ettinghausen

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Ed Ettinghausen holds the world record for the most marathon races over 100 miles ever completed and he didn’t start running Ultra Marathons until the age of 46. Ed shares with us his struggle as a child of the foster care system with bi-polar disorder.  He tells us that when growing up, he received unconditional love and support from unexpected sources, including Mr. Rogers.  These influences helped shape his belief that people are capable of achieving great things when you believe in them.

Ed inspires by running these marathons as ‘The Jester’.  He has a beautiful following in the marathon community and is recognized for boosting moral and always putting himself in the position to encourage others.  He shares some incredible stories!  He is an amazing public speaker and has even done a Ted Talk. Here are some links to more info about the following that he discusses:

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