002-Tina Fitzgerald

002-Tina Fitzgerald

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Tina FitzgeraldIn this episode, Tina Fitzgerald (Ardas Taran), shares the up’s and down’s of her journey through illness.  As a super successful commodities buyer, Tina tried to bring her spirituality to her business world, but after many road blocks and an incapacitating illness, she found her way through her Kundalini practice.  She is the owner and founder of Communitea Yoga and Meditation in Oceanside, CA.

Tina gives us her perspective on radiant health and how to begin to heal. She shares so many of the resources that were instrumental in her journey:

Chopra Center

Perfect Health (Chopra Center)

Yogi Tom Kelly

Self Realization Center

You Can Heal Your Life- Louise Hay

Yogi Bhajan

Masaru Emoto

Communitea Yoga and Meditation